elitefts™ Tagline RWB Stacked Tank Top

Unleash your strength and flaunt your patriotism with the elitefts Tagline RWB Stacked tee. Featuring our iconic logo in the proud red, white, and blue, this tee is for the lifter who stands firm and lifts free. It's not just a statement piece—it's a declaration of power and patriotism.

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Why the elitefts Tagline RWB Stacked tee a must-have for the patriotic powerlifter: Patriotic Pride: Boldly emblazoned with American colors, this tee celebrates both your love for the country and your passion for lifting. It’s about having the freedom to push your limits and the courage to stand tall. Built for Heroes: Made from durable, high-quality materials that can handle the sweat of your labor and the weight of your ambition. This tee is as resilient as the American spirit. Symbol of Unity and Strength: Perfect for anyone who believes in unity and strength both in the gym and beyond. It’s a reminder that every lift you conquer contributes to building a stronger, prouder you. The elitefts Tagline RWB Stacked tee is more than just gym wear; it’s a tribute to hard work, resilience, and the American way of life. Let every rep ring with liberty, and let every set proclaim your unwavering spirit.

  • Tultex Unisex Fine Jersey Tank
  • 4.5 oz., 100% ring-spun cotton (unless otherwise noted)
  • 30/1 fine knit jersey, tubular construction
  • Ribbed binding on neckline and armholes, double-needle neck and bottom hem
  • Reactive-dyed, dischargeable
  • Features a Tear Anywhere label
  • NAFTA Certified
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