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EZ Spotting Straps (Pair)

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The safest and non-invasive way to spot.
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The Elitefts™ EZ Spotting Straps are the most effective way to add a safety feature to training. Spotting straps make the unfortunate missed lift safer for the lifter and spotters. The bar will not bounce off of safety catches and will settle directly underneath the connection point regardless of where the bar first contacts the straps.

The EZ Spotting Straps employ a numbering system to allow for quick and easy adjustments. When training a large group of athletes, the EZ Spotting Straps are the best option to permit athletes of different heights and body-types to train together safely.

Finally, the Elitefts™ EZ Spotting Straps are ideal for concentric only or bottom-up style training. There is much more variability in positioning the bar in the start position.

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