F8 Widow Maker Bench Band Single Ply

The F8 Widow Maker helps train your CNS to maintain power under maximal loads without the wear and tear.




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F8 Widow Maker Bench Band Single Ply 


  • Patented design that allows for maximum return and yields the highest rebound of any shirt in this style.

  • Engineered with the highest quality materials that maintain its elasticity and strength.

  • Each layer offers resistance of 42 lbs./in. over an 8″ range of motion.

Colors may vary depending on what color material we have in stock at the time.

Size Guide

  • SMALL 165lbs-181lbs
  • MEDIUM 181lbs-220lbs
  • LARGE 242lbs-272lbs
  • XLARGE 272lbs-308lbs
  • 2XLARGE 308lbs-350lbs



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