Gym Talk 7: More Trials, Teachings and Tips From A Tore Up Gym Rat

100 More Tips, Tricks, Rants, Motivation, and Education From A Washed Up Meathead.
Trials and teachings from Dave Tate, CEO elitefts. Dave has been in the strength and conditioning industry for 4 decades and has seen it all. If you are looking for wisdom, advice, and humor from someone who's spent their entire life in the Meathead Trenches this series is for you. These books represent various Blog Posts, Articles, Social Media posts, as well as, unpublished work.

Author: Dave Tate 
202 pages



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Since 1998, I’ve been posting my thoughts, ideas, and rants on my blog, the elitefts Q&A, and social media platforms. There have been some posts that have stuck in readers’ mind for whatever reason. I’ve received feedback on these posts, and countless questions as well. They have become classics, writings that I and the readers of EliteFTS go back to time and time again. Some have been deleted from the site, others lost in archives, and there are others that were turned into articles. For that reason, over the years I gathered them in the Gym Talk Series and even added a few others that have never been posted on the site. Although I and many others get our fair share of laughs from these posts, the lessons found in these posts are that you should never take yourself too seriously and have fun with your training. Look around and you will see that much of what we do can either be or is already very funny. A very special thank you goes to all those who have been associated with elitefts ranging from customers, vendors, consultants, to contractors and staff. And, of course, thanks to all of our readers for ...taking the time to read these posts.

- Dave Tate


  • Gym Resources
  • Take It To The Meet
  • Why Mastermind Groups Are Stupid
  • Just Because It’s Heavy
  • Morning Routines For Washed Up Meatheads
  • The False Perception Of Life Balance.
  • Consistency Is NOT The Most Important Thing!
  • Consistency is “KEY,” right?
  • Rounding the Lower Back when Deadlifting
  • Pulling with Big Air
  • The Gap
  • Respect & Validation
  • Deadlift Shin Placement
  • No matter what happens, it has its purpose
  • The Risk You Do Not Take Notes from The Grumpy Old Man
  • Attitude
  • Education 
  • Too Bad, Get Over It 
  • Silence the Noise 
  • Excuses are like as*hol!s. Everybody has one, and they all stink 
  • Someday I will 
  • It’s Never As Bad As You Think But Can Always Get Worse 
  • So Sorry 
  • Supplemental Movements 101 
  • Missing Lifts in Training 
  • Main Lifts – Builders 
  • Introduction, Blast and Dust 
  • Those I’ve Trained With 
  • Are You Serious? 
  • 20 Advantages of The Box Squat 
  • It’s ALWAYS hard! 
  • School Days 
  • How’s that for some perspective? 
  • I am sure you get told this all the time 
  • Lead Yourself 
  • Chaos Training 
  • Sticking Points 
  • Smelling like sh*t 
  • No Mirrors Needed 
  • The resolve of a five-year-old kid 
  • Bench Press Tips For Those Who Miss At The Bottom 
  • Where Would I Rank Today? 
  • What’s In Your Past? 
  • Be Real 
  • Don’t Quit 
  • What Is Your Perception Of Strength? 
  • No Free Lunch 
  • Random Business Thoughts 
  • You, Will, Get More Than Your Feelings Hurt 
  • Aggression IS Good! 
  • Do You Train Like A Powerlifter? 
  • What do they know about you? 
  • Attitude Adjustment or Not 
  • Finding Mentors 
  • 6 Qualities Of A Great Training System 
  • Lower Body MxE Work Without Speciality Bar 
  • The Culture of Powerlifting 
  • Be different 
  • Response -> Ability

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