How I Trained For... The 2014 Mr. Olympia 212 Class (eBook)

An eBook packed with the training secrets of 2004 Mr. Universe and IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale. Use this specialized program from his Olympia qualification and prep to develop your own physique based on the ideologies of a top-level bodybuilder with over 20 years of experience.

Author: Mark Dugdale
95 pages



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Mark Dugdale's How I Trained For eBook

How I Trained For... The 2014 Mr. Olympia 212 Class (eBook)

by Mark Dugdale

95 pages

Mark Dugdale competed in his fourth Mr. Olympia in 2014 — but it wasn’t easy for him to get there. Having already competed at the Olympia three times and finished in more than 25 pro contests, you might expect that Dugdale traveled to the Olympia like he would any other contest, having prepped for another year of competing alongside the best in the sport. But you’d be wrong.

In the spring of 2013, it didn’t appear that Dugdale would be competing at the Olympia the following year; he hadn’t received an invitation and did not have the qualifying points to be there. What this produced was a 17-month streak of dieting and competing in multiple shows to win points and earn a spot at the Olympia. While some bodybuilders take a whole year off to prep for this contest, Dugdale battled day in and day out for 17 consecutive months to make it to the stage. After seven competitions, he was there.

This eBook is how he did it. It includes every single training day from June 2 all the way through competition day and the weeks after. In this eBook, you’ll find something that isn’t offered anywhere else in the bodybuilding community: an IFBB Pro sharing every single set and every single rep from an entire contest prep. Training for the biggest bodybuilding stage of them all, Dugdale documented each workout with intense detail.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a training program and it is not a recommendation for how you should train. Dugdale’s program is highly personalized and is meant for educational purposes only. You should not follow this routine. Mark Dugdale has been a pro for twenty years and has very specific needs that are different than the needs of others.

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