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A powerlifter's journey into posing, prep and paint-on tans.

Julia Ladewski is an elite-level powerlifter, a physique competitor, a mother, wife, and strength coach. As an elitefts.com sponsored athlete and Q&A staff member, she shares years of coach/competitor knowledge through her articles, training log, and Q&A answers.

Aside from the fact she's elite in three different weight classes, she has gained hands-on technical experience and skill as a coach for over a decadeラa Division I strength and conditioning coach at the University at Buffalo for seven years and the director of sports performance at Parisi Speed School in Schererville, IN for five years. She now coaches a wide variety of populationsラathletes, women, men, powerlifters, crossfitters, and fitness enthusiastsラ offering training programs, nutrition consultation, and hands-on clinics, too.

Although Julia is a powerlifter at heartラloves the smell of the iron, chalk rubbed deep into the grooves of her hands, the belts, the wraps and the exhilaration of stepping on the platformラ her focus changed one day when she decided to step on stage as a figure competitor, dressed in a sparkly suit and high heels.

Judged is her journey in raw form. She wrote this book in the moment and youメll feel what itメs like to live モa day in the lifeヤ of a woman who takes on many roles, new roles, all while trying to smash her goals.

As much as youメll learn and come to feel the many challenges she faced (the good and the ugly), Judged also provides a "how-to-guide" for posing, prep, and tanning.

Read as Julia battles between confidence, failure, and body image as she walked from the platform onto a national stage.

Who knows, you may just be inspired to try on a new challenge for yourselfナ
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