Lifeline ABC Agility Ladder

Increase your speed forward, backwards and laterally.

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The Agility, Balance & Coordination Training Ladder is extremely versatile. The flat rung design makes the ladder much safer to use. Avoid the frustration of a tangled ladder – Lifeline’s ABC Ladder is easy to lay out and pick up thanks to the patented stainless steel handle. Use it on any skid-free surface, such as grass; sand; synthetic turf; etc. Unsnap the sections and lay them at 90° angles for drills that combine forward, backward and lateral movements with balance and precision. Separate the segments to add a sprint-out from the end of the first segment to the second for effective speed control training.

•Increase your speed forward, backwards and laterally

•Enhance your speed control training

•Improve your balance

Ladder (30' long x 16" wide) unsnaps into four 7.5' long sections, one instructional by professional trainer.

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