Pit Shark Premium - Tall Frame

Save your back and build your squat.

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The TALL FRAME PIT SHARK is basically decked out with all the Handles. It comes with Standard (1.5" diam.) Chin Handles and Dip Handles. It includes Squat Handles and the hip Belt with SpeedHook. It's an incredible training tool that allows you to do strength training while de-loading the spine.

PIT SHARK SQUATS, with the risk of spinal compression removed, is the foundation movement done on the PIT SHARK - but the possibilities are endless.

It's easy hook-up with the hip belt (included) and you instantly realize the freedom of movement possible. It's possible to isolate the lower body effectively when not distracted by a bar on your back - the safety is built in.

The confidence that comes from the risk of spinal compression being removed, translates into far better technique.<br><br>
The PIT SHARK is an ideal "Squat Teacher".

The TALL FRAME PIT SHARK efficiently fits on a 4 x 6 mat.

The PIT SHARK removes the time-wasting Set-Up required and improves the safety of doing Body-Weight and Weight-Loaded Squats, Chins, Dips, Calf Raises and much much more.

Other optional Accessories expand the strength movements possible. Adding optional Push-Up/Squat Harness for doing Weighted Push-Ups and Harness Squats is a favorite option, as well as a Front Squat Strap for doing suspended Front Squats (similar to a Zercher Squat). Adding a Row Platform and Deadlift Bar allows you to pull some heavy, heavy rows with a simple set-up.

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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