Powerlifting: Year 1

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Powerlifting: Year 1
So you've finally decided to see what you're made of. You're going to make the leap from guy/girl who モworks out" to competitive powerlifter. With the right approach, this could be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make.

The only question is, where do you start?

With all of the choices in federations, meets, gear, gyms, and programs out there, staring out in powerlifting can be a confusing and often intimidating experience.

Not anymore.

Powerlifting: Year 1 is the first book of its kind: a complete beginner's guide to modern competitive powerlifting. In this 232 page ebook, pro powerlifter Dave Kirschen clearly and often humorously lays out everything a beginner needs to know about the sport in a detailed, easy-to-read format. Covering everything from your first day in the gym to your last attempt at the meet, Powerlifting: Year 1 gives you all the tools you need to begin a successful lifting career.

Table of Contents:

Who the Hell Am I??
What Does it Mean to be a Powerlifter?
Finding a Powerlifting Crew
Don't Do This Sh*t
Mental Approach
Powerlifting Equipment
Rest and Recovery
Powerlifting Musculature
Exercise List
Popular Programs Examined
Beginner Program Templates
Your First Meet
How to Handle a Lifter
In Closing
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