PowerMax Sand Bag Kit

Powermax Sand Bag Kit

Sand was made for castles AND bags.  

  • Easy assemble
  • Add difficulty to otherwise nonstrenuous exercises
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

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Powermax Sand Bag Kit

The PowerMax Sandbag Kit is a bag that holds 80 pounds worth of sand. You can train everything with a sandbag. We promise you’ll exert a different type of strength you didn’t know you had as you deadlift, throw, drag, carry, or lift overhead an 80-pound sandbag. 

To get started, it’s as simple as this:

Step 1: Order a Powermax Sandbag Kit from elitefts.
Step 2: Buy course play sand at your local hardware store or equivalent.
Step 3: Fill each inner bag with up to 20 pounds of sand.
Step 4: Add inner bags into outer bag. 
Step 5: Zip the outer bag. 
Step 6: Train! 


  • Includes: 1 outer bag, 4 inner bags
  • Inner bags contain buckles to seal
  • Outer bag fastens by zipper
  • Weight capacity: 80 pounds
  • Color: Black
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