Proloc™ Blocker

Secure Your Bar with Confidence!

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We've all been in the same situation—you have a special bar that you have to take with you to the gym because it's your good luck charm, it "gets" you, the gym you train at has shitty bars, and the like. 


The gym owner finally permits you to keep the bar at the gym (mainly because he doesn't want you to crack the front glassed door as you shuffle in every squat night), BUT there's a problem! Every Joe and his Schmoe are using it. 




Secure Your Bar with Confidence


The PROLOC™ Blocker is the accessory to have when you store your bar at a public gym. When the PROLOC™ blocker is attached to your bar, from the middle of the bar to the end, it renders the bar USELESS. With a chain from the lock, you can further secure it to other equipment in the gym, such as racks and weight trees.



  • Fits any bar with collars ranging from 1.937" to 2.007" (Fits most bars, Fits all Olympic bars)
  • One collar included

  • Lock NOT included

  • Allen key provided (stored within the collar)
  • Color: BLACK
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