Rehband QD Thermal Shorts Black

The Rehband QD Thermal Shorts are designed to support your recovery and training performance in the best possible way.

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The integrated thermal zones provide comfort and warmth throughout the hip, groin and thigh area. The thermal shorts allow your muscles to warm up quickly and support recovery after activity. Even during short interruptions, the heat is retained and ensures that the muscles and structures are kept warm. This can minimize the risk of injury or inflammation.


  • Heat can improve your performance and recovery
  • Can protect your muscles from injury and inflammation
  • Quickly warms up muscles and structures
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Maintains muscle and joint temperature during activity or short breaks

    • Machine wash (40 °) | Laundry net is recommended

    • Cover material: 100% polyamide

    • Foam: 70% SBR, 30% Neoprene

    • Seams: 100% Polyamide

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