So You Want To Be A Strength Coach

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So You Want To Be A Strength Coach

You love training. You love helping people. You love the gym atmosphere. You see the coaches and lifters on elitefts™ル, and you want that. You want to take that passion to the next level. So, how do you do that?

What field do you study? What internships do you choose? What certifications do you need?

All of those questions and more are laid out in this book. While my experiencesラfrom my internship and my time at the collegiate level to my time working in the private sectorラ may help answer your questions, they are certainly not the only paths to take. You will find that each coach who contributed to this book has taken a uniquely different path. Your path might be working with youth kids as a P.E. teacher. Your path might be teaching a ten year old how to skip and run. Or, your path might be taking the next college sensation to the NFL. The important thing to find is the right path for you.

The message amongst these coaches is the same:

We need more great coaches.

We need coaches who are passionate about what they do, not more internet gurus sitting behind a computer. We need coaches in the trenches, working to make a difference in our youth, our athletes, and our adults.

This book is my storyラwith all the tips, advice, and questions that I receive on a daily basis about the strength coaching industry. But I ask you, "What will your story be?"

- Julia Ladewski

"I met Julia at the beginning of this journey and have been fortunate to watch her trials and tribulations over the years. Being a female in a male-dominated field isn't easy in any profession. To excel is a great accomplishment.

I am often asked, "what makes a great strength coach?" I have a variety of answers for this depending on the segment of the population the coach wants to work in. Sometimes I am asked how I personally judge a strength coach. This is a much different answer and the number of candidates falls very fast. The way I personally decided this is by asking myself, "would I let this person train my kids? Do I trust his/her professional and communication skills enough to be able to advance my kids' abilities while also displaying important life skills and values?" Julia Ladewski is on that list and has trained my kids.

These skills are learned through education, coaching experience, outside study, and time under the bar. In this book, you will see how Julia developed these traits and is in constant perfection of her craft."

- Dave Tate
Founder elitefts™.com Inc

"From start to finish, So, you Want to be a Strength Coach forces you to learn, evaluate, then reevaluate your life path as a strength coach.

Whether you're in the private sector, the collegiate scene, or simply waiting to hear back about your internship, read this book. It will give you enough information to decide if you're ready to dive in headfirst, or run for the hills and go back to school for something else.

Over the past few years I've gotten to know Julia pretty well, and this book has helped me see how she got to where she is today. No wonder she's so damn strong and smart--she's fought her way to the top, and this book lays out a map for your own success".

Mike Spagnola,
owner/operator of Edge Strength & Conditioning
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