Spirit Fitness CRW800 Rower

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The CRW800 Rower combines a long list of high performance features with a reliable design. From the convenience of the 20” frame height and folding storage

design to the combined air/magnetic resistance and remote handle controls, the CRW800 is sure to impress. It is the perfect addition to a club, corporate

fitness/recreation center, school or hotel because the ease of use and resulting unparalleled full-body workout are second to none.


• Air and magnetic resistance (16 levels) for smooth and consistent operation

• Wireless remote handle controls allow quick changes to resistance

• Fold up frame design for easy storage

• Commercial grade handle strap is both smooth and reliable

• Solid steel frame with aluminum monorail

• Durable stainless steel fan cover

• Flex pedals with easy adjust numbered settings

• Adjustable console angle and height for the perfect viewing angle


The advanced monitor is sophisticated yet easy-to-use. Utilizing the large 5.5” blue backlit display, all of the workout data is highly visible

and well organized for easy reference. To eliminate the need to pause your workout to adjust the level of resistance, the CRW800

incorporates an advanced wireless remote system that allows you to adjust resistance on-the-fly with just your thumbs on the pull handle.

In addition to the clearly defined display segments, the center display scans between program profile and 500m time.

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