Spud Lower Body Sled Strap

Work your hips, hamstrings and glutes like you never have before with the lower body sled strap.

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Get a little more out of your sled work with the Spud Inc. Lower Body Sled Strap. Loop the Lower Body Sled Strap around your ankles to uniquely target your glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors for bigger squats and deadlifts. Or lose the sled and use bands and chains to perform resisted mountain climbers, bear crawls and more.


Why you want to do this exercise:
Warm up
Increase cross-section

+10 reps per set

Exercise Description:
Face sled
Secure straps around ankles
Take forceful strides backward keeping feet close to the ground
















- Made in America

- Woven Nylon

- 52”x3”

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