Spud Sled Attachment Strap

Spud's nylon strap is durable and will not fray like a cable. Use our strap on your sled and you will be sledding into the next century.

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Traditional cables and chains take up valuable space in your gym, are difficult to attach and remove from your sled, and wear out over time. The Spud Inc. Sled Attachment Strap is lightweight, can fit in a gym bag, and is made from an extremely durable 2-ply nylon webbing that will hold up year after year.

The strap’s large shackle will fit nearly any sled, and the opposing 4″ ring can be attached to power belts, handles or the Spud Inc. upper and lower body straps.


– Made in America

– 2-Ply Woven Nylon

– 96″x1″

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