Stripe of Power Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt

In homage to going down with heavy weight on your back and standing back up with it, elitefts brings you a shirt that draws attention directly to the site of the fight when it comes to squatting. Whether it’s viewed from the front or the back, this shirt makes a statement—the Stripe of Power is a mark of distinction and those who love the battle with gravity that is the squat display it with pride.

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Ever come home from a squat session and realized the skin on your back is a raw red stripe from rear delt to rear delt? There’s something satisfying found in the feeling of the bite into skin you’re left with upon completion of a squat day.  Wear this shirt to show which lift you love—or which lift you love to hate, as the squat is both for many an athlete. The front bears the name of the lift in question while the back gives a name to the “scar” you bear as a result of your time under the bar. Wear it and let everyone around you know you stand back up whether you’re coming or going.

  • J America Vintage Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • 5.0 oz., 100% cotton
  • Charcoal Heather is 60/40
  • Contoured bottom hem
  • Contrast color flatlock stitching

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