Strong(er) Workout Phase Two (eBook)

Congrats on completing the Strong(er) Workout Phase One. You’re now ready to begin the process of converting your training to a pure strength program. Strong(er) Workout Phase Two outlines 15 weeks of training to increase absolute and maximal strength using three different phases: Transfer to strength, maximal strength, and recovery.

Length: 92 pages


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Strong(er) Workout Phase Two (eBook)

Strong(er) Workout Phase 2 (eBook)

92 pages

Designed for the serious non-competitive athlete, this complete workout program will contain four main phases to be performed over the course of 12 months (each phase will be sold individually). Each phase builds on the next, and you'll be in the best shape of your life at the end. You'll be stronger and leaner than you could ever imagine.

Strong(er) Workout Phase 1 was designed to improve your conditioning and increase your muscle mass in preparation for Strong(er) Phase 2. Strong(er) Phase 2 is designed to increase absolute and maximal strength over a period of 15 weeks, using three different cycles:

  1. Transfer to Strength
  2. Maximal Strength
  3. Recovery

As we did for Strong(er) Phase 1, Strong(er) Phase 2 was beta tested by over 50 volunteers who provided feedback and suggestions so adjustments could be made, allowing for a much more effective program for you.


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