Swiss Angle Grip Press Bar

A necessary bar for the arsenal, use the multiple angles and widths to build a bigger bench.

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Anthony Clark brought the reverse-grip bench to prominence as he used it to crush big bench WRs. But beyond a major technique variation in order to benefit one lifter with specific biomechanics, the exercise has some great advantages.

Bar Advantages:

  • The bar reduces the severe wrist strain that is common with reverse benches while paying off with the triceps size and strength improvements that makes this a great BP accessory exercise.
  • The grip angle here is midway between parallel and supinated, making a very natural and comfortable feel for the wrists, shoulders and pecs.
  • A midway marker knurling assists the lifter in getting an even grip on both handles.

Bar Use:

  • Perfect for doing JM Presses when the bar is flipped (into a knuckles-high grip)
  • Overhead Presses with a Reverse Grip
  • Under-grip Bent Over Rows
  • And a variety of other exercises (with new ones being developed regularly)
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