Taténudo Exclusivo Maduro Robusto

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Taténudo Exclusivo Maduro Robusto

It seems these days that cigars are the new post-workout favorite. And what isn't to love? What sounds better than hitting a huge PR and lighting up a fat stogie in celebration. That's right. Nothing.

Well, in elitefts fashion we couldn't just settle for gas station cigars. Oh no. We worked with a supplier in the Dominican Republic to come up with the perfect intra-workout cigar.

This is no ordinary cigar. Nicotine is great as a stimulant, but nicotine alone doesn't provide the optimal pre-workout boost, so we added:

  • Alpha-GPC - this choline source is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and helps provide for maximum muscle control
  • L-arginine - nicotine is notorious for constricting blood vessels, and that does not bode well for muscle hypertrophy. To combat this we added L-arginine as a simple nitric oxide booster - keeping blood flowing to target muscles
  • TehaCreen - a brand new, but relatively well known stimulant and mood booster. This helps that PR feel THAT much more satisfying.
  • Dat Dere Celltech

These ingredients are blended into a paste and each tobacco leaf is soaked in them before the drying process - ensuring accurate coverage and an even dose of each ingredient with each puff. 

Each Taténudo Exclusivo is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. Quantities extemely limited. 

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