The Difference Striking Pad

The Difference Striking Pad


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Going beyond traditional tackle dummies or blocking implements, the Difference Striking Pad is uniquely specialized to promote proper hand placement and striking techniques for today’s serious football player—no matter your size, skill level, or experience. The machine is made with pride in the USA, and was first introduced in the weight room at Ohio State University. Today, it is in use in hundreds of high school, college, and pro facilities across the country, with its convenient portability and rack-mount design enabling easy set-up and takedown.

The Difference Striking Pad is built to handle daily abuse, indoors or out. The machine is constructed from 0.1875" A36 Steel Construction (powder-coated) with a nickel-plated inner tube for a smooth, consistent operation. The pad itself is formed from an extremely durable, extruded polyethylene XLT foam with a naugahyde, abrasion-resistant vinyl exterior. There are four different spring tensions to choose from, depending on your training goals:

  • Green Spring (Lil Rookie = 15LB – 35LB) – Great for young athletes, introducing technique, rehab, punching.
  • White Spring (Rookie = 35LB – 70LB) Great for Junior High and High School Athletes.
  • Gray Spring (Challenger = 70LB – 105LB) Great for High School, College and Professional Athletes.
  • Black Spring (Champion = 105LB – 150LB) Great for College and Professional Athletes.

All springs are powder-coated and made from strong, quality wire. They can be quickly swapped out so athletes of varying size and skill can adjust the Striking Pad to their preferences.

Installation: The Difference Striking Pad ships with a 3x3" Attachment Mount and 1" Detent Pin. There are other attachment options available. 

Applications: “To promote upper body strength, explosiveness, and to develop a high work capacity. It is the only upper body training machine that not only makes you stronger, but promotes hand placement and hand striking technique.” -- Difference USA president Anthony Schlegel


  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with (input your rack)
  • 0.1875" A36 Steel Construction
  • Electroless Nickel Plated Inner Tube
  • Durable Polyethylene XLT Foam Pad w/ Black Vinyl Exterior & Difference USA branding
  • Includes Square Plastic Inserts for attaching the unit to any 2", 3", 4" or 5" square/rectangle beam
  • Four Different Custom Spring Tensions
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