The Fat Loss Diaries (eBook)

This book chronicles the journey of Marc Bartley's transformation from a 303-pound powerlifter to 194 pounds of bodybuilding perfection.

Authors: Marc Bartley and Shelby Starnes
Length: 164 pages

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Spud Fat Loss Diaries

The Fat Loss Diaries (eBook)

by Marc Bartley and Shelby Starnes

164 pages

Who says you can't be fat and strong. Sorry, we mean lean and strong? Here's how to lose 100 pounds and still be strong and keep your sense of humor.

In his first book, The Fat Loss Diaries, Marc Bartley, with the help of his diet coach, Shelby Starnes, walks you through the life and times of Marc Bartley as he insanely chased the rabbit down the hole on his way to a 109-pound weight loss over 10 grueling months.

This book chronicles the journey as Marc transformed himself from a 303-pound powerlifter to 194 pounds of bodybuilding perfection. The journey started with an almost career-ending injury and ended on stage at a local bodybuilding show. The story details the psychosis that often sabotages or dreams. In this book, you will read about how a regular man overcame obstacles that plague us all.

What you will find in this book:

  • A proven diet protocol put together by Troponin Nutrition's top coach Shelby Starnes
  • A complete 40-week cardio plan
  • Special Tips and Hints to help you make it through the process
  • Basic Carb Cycling template for food preparation
  • The 3-month training template Marc followed during his journey.
  • Interviews and thoughts from co-author Shelby Starnes.

Praise for The Fat Loss Diaries:

I was very touched by The Fat Loss Diaries. I too made my own transition from an out of shape, overweight guy to the bodybuilding stage. I could relate to a lot of what Marc discusses.

Whether you are looking to make a significant life change or a small change, this book can help. Marc's journey is amazing. His motivation and drive are balanced perfectly with Shelby's advice. The partnership and relationship developed between Marc and Shelby are very amusing. The listing of e-mail exchanges between the two of them is great, and anyone who has been on a diet can relate to Marc's views on the advice he is being given.

The fact that Marc could make this transition, losing over 100 pounds and going from thinking a Chicken Nugget and a Rum and Coke was a good high carb meal to the bodybuilding stage is amazing. It shows that anyone can make changes in their lives, no matter how big or small.

I recommend this book to anyone, simply reading his journey is motivation enough to make your own changes!

"Bartley's story and insightful, no-holds-barred, blow by blow account of his own weight loss journey is both gut-bustingly hilarious and deeply informative, while his metamorphosis with Mr. Starnes' guidance is nothing short of astonishing." — V. Preuninger

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