The Manhammer

It's called the Manhammer for a reason. It's a no-frills, overbuilt conditioning tool that will make you into a man.

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The ManHammer

Patented. The ManHammer is the World's first Weight Hammer.

The ManHammer uses Olympic weight plates found in most all sporting goods stores and gyms (2" inner diameter, "Olympic”). Pick one up and use it, and you will walk away feeling like the man.

The ManHammer was designed for the hammer swing. It is strong enough to load with weight and deliver a blow to a target. It is intended for lifting weights, swinging, and hitting. The ManHammer is guaranteed indestructible or your money back. FOR YOUR SAFETY: DO NOT USE THE IDEAS WE SHARE ON YOUTUBE WITH ANY PRODUCT BUT THE MANHAMMER.

Key Product Features:
• The ManHammer is the first Hammer with the ability to add weights to it. It has an indestructible sleeve that is designed for taking impacts. A lesser material would cause damage to the hammer, plates, or your hands. The impact-resisting sleeve can hold (7) 45 lbs. olympic size weight plates (2"). The ManHammer is sold with a spring collar, although the collar is not required to use safely.

• Steel construction. The head is joined to the handle as one piece. The ManHammer skeleton is 25lbs

• The ManHammer is the first hammer with a round head for a balanced hit every-time. Weight plates 10lbs. and under fit inside the outside diameter of the ManHammer’s skeleton; and the ManHammer skeleton will act as the striking surface. Weight plates 25 lbs. and heavier will become the striking surface when used.

• The handle and the head have a rubberized coating with a tough texture for grip. The coating is resistant to weather.

• The ManHammer has a Youtube channel that is broken down into IDEAs and [FORM]s. We share information in this format so that you can incorporate ManHammer moves into your workouts immediately and use the information that is relevant to your goals.

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