The Vault: A Decade of PR Shattering Training Tips by Dave Tate

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The Vault: A Decade of PR Shattering Training Tips by Dave Tate
This compilation e-book contains:

* 200 pages of Dave's best training information, including a ton of unpublished material.

* A full bench specialist program

* A complete meet-prep program for the squat, bench, and deadlift that resulted in an EFS lifter adding 230 pounds to his total.

* The complete Force Training Seminar - over 6 hours of video.

* Dave's Passion to Profits Seminar - over one hour of video.

This compilation will allow you to:

Develop a personal strategic training plan that serves as a blueprint for your training success.

Pinpoint your training weaknesses for optimal gains.

Avoid the ten biggest training pitfalls that may be holding you back.

Push your squat through the roof without ever free squatting.

Avoid overtraining and overuse injuries.

Develop higher levels of training discipline, control, and organization.

Train any athlete for explosive power and maximal strength development.

Take up to 7 inches off your bench press stroke.

Get more out of your training with less work.

Break records every time you step on the platform.

Use bands for circa-maximal and extra workouts.

Use chains to overcome the strength curve.

Implement weight-releasers and other training devices.

Overcome sticking points in the squat, bench press, and dead lift.

Get the results you really want, faster and with greater certainty than before.

Clear up the clutter in your training program by focusing on those things that really matter.

Apply sub-maximal and maximal methods of training.

Implement extra workouts into your training for restoration and strength gain.

How to push up your general physical preparedness.

Finally lift the big weights you know you are capable of.

Understand the finer points of preparing for competition or test days.

Have a complete plan you can use today!

Learn very simple things you can do to transform your business.

Learn the most important aspects in starting your own business.

Understand what a Strategic Objective is and how to use indicators to track your progress.

Understand the biggest reasons why most business fail.

Have your own business that enhances your life.
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