Tips and Tricks for Dieting Success

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Tips and Tricks for Dieting Success

Let's face it - dieting can be rough.

Behind every lean, muscular physique is a tale of commitment and discipline-- of months of strict dieting, grueling cardio, and intense training.

Sometimes this all feels great, but at other times it can be a real test of our dedication.

This book is a compilation of numerous tips and tricks I've picked up and developed over the years to help me get through the rigors of my own dieting, as well as help my clients get through their diets.

From time-saving tips for food preparation, to novel supplements and creative ways to make diet foods taste better, this book contains a multitude of tips to make your dieting easier, more fun, and more successful.

Try them out next time you're struggling with your diet - I believe you'll find they're a great help, just as I have.

Includes sections on nutrition, zero-calorie treats, supplementation, cardio, training, and mental aspects of a diet.

Also includes a Bonus Section - "My Precontest Diet, Supplement and Cardio Plan for the 2009 NPC Michigan" (a full account of the diet, supplement and cardio plan I used in preparation for the 2009 NPC Michigan Bodybuilding Championships).

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