I had the MRI of my left elbow today. Of course I didn't get any information but I have a funny story. I arrived for the scan on time, I'm normally late for everything, so I was pleased with myself. I got the paperwork filled out before being call back and after I got back I put on the scrubs and was ready for the scan. The technician asked me if I was claustrophobic, which I am not and I told him no and that I had had MRIs before. He was a little concerned with how wide my shoulders were and fitting in the machine but I told him I would be fine. They strapped my arm to my side and put this ring thing around my elbow to stabilize it for the scan.  I got in the tube, it was very cozy in there, and he said it would be about 25 minutes to just relax and try not to move. About 10 minutes goes by and he comes back in and said the machine kept giving error codes and would not work because the was too much contact with the sides of tube. He began to side the table I was lying on out of the machine and it was just sliding under me. I was stuck, not really stuck like and emergency kinda stuck but he had to hold onto me to keep me on the table. I was so proud of the weight I have gained at that moment. Lucky for me they had an open MRI machine available down the hall and I was able to get the imaging done.