I had surgery today to repair the torn tricep in my left arm. Everything went well with the procedure but the surgeon did say the tendon had more damage that previously thought.  The tear was the mid 1/3 of the tricep tendon where it attaches at the elbow. The tendon also split length wise and that had not been identified on the MRI. Fortunately he was able to sew everything back together and reattached it to the bone. The procedure I had did does not have screws or anchors into the bone to use to attach the tendon. What was done is there were holes drilled into the bone and those holes were used to sew the tendon directly to the bone. I was told as long as I let it heal and rehab it correctly I'll be able to do anything I would have been able to do pre-injury. I'm counting on that. The recovery period will be long though but I'm determined to have another bench PR. My next appointment is for 8-14-17.