Earlier this week I received a call from Traci Tate, co founder and co owner of EliteFTS, and she asked me to run her son, Brice, and his friend through a workout today. Well the friend didn't show up but Brice did. He's probably around 13 and weighs about 125. I remember when he was really young and would run his big wheel bike through the gym crashing into everyone. Anyway here is what I had him do today:


box jumps 3 sets of 3 to an 18" box - he was clearing by +4"

increased box to 20.5 inches and he wouldn't do it. He kept jumping to his knees on the box. I tried telling him he as jumping higher that that 2 minutes prior, I tried changing how I was having him jump...I made him attempt it about 10 times but he just wouldn't do it. I know he could have done it but I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't and I couldn't figure out how to motivate him to do it. Finally he wore me down and we moved on.


Pit Shark squats

45 pounds of 5 reps

90 pounds for 5 sets of 5 reps



65 for 2 singles

85 for 1 single

105 for 1 single

125 for 1 single

135 for 1 single

95 for 5 reps


lying leg curl

25 for 5 sets of 5 reps


Prowler Push

6 trips of 40 feet with 90 seconds rest between trips (no added weight)


10 pound medicine ball throws

ball was picked up from the ground and thrown overhead as hard as possible for 5 sets of 3 throws


He fought me the entire session. I don't know if he was upset his friend bailed on him or if he just didn't want to do it. He got through it but if I'm going to work with him in the future I'm going to have to find a way to motivate him.


As for me...tomorrow is 6 week post surgery follow up appointment with the surgeon. Hopefully I'll get this brace off.