Sat, 23 June 18

Events @ the Unit and Iron Skrong

I was home this weekend to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday and to start moving stuff home that I won't need for the last week of my current clinical affiliation so I trained at both of my home locations.  This was coincidentally fortuitous because Brute was hosting a PL meet on Saturday so I couldn't have trained events that day even if I had been in town.

I'm feeling pretty good about most of the events, but I wanted to do some more work on atlas stones and the tire flip and sled drag medley.

Atlas Stones (to 50" platform)

4x200 - 2x normal and 2x one motion

4x240 - Same as above

2x2x280 - 1x normal and 1x one motion

1x300 - Add  spider tack


1x370 - Video

2x{1x280, 1x300, 1x330}

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This was the first time I have loaded the 370.  It formerly belonged to S&C Coach and model American, Carl Johnson.  The first and only time I had tried to load it previously, it was pretty filthy and I just kept sliding off of it.  The weight is by no means a PR, but it is a decently heavy stone and has been used in the past as a challenge stone and still has the signatures of those who have successfully loaded it and the date of their entry into manhood.  That's also why it's my only stone I haven't blacked out.  I need to try to decipher the various handwriting and make a list so I can coat it in spray on rubber.  Stones also felt fantastic today for the first time in my training for nationals so that was one step closer to achieving my goals.

After this I headed over to Iron Strong CF cause that's where the tire flipping goes down.

Tire Flip/Backward Drag

5 flips x ~400

5 flips x ~400/50' x prowler + 90

5 flips x ~400/50' x prowler + 180

5 flips x ~400/50' x prowler + 270

5 flips x ~400/50' x prowler + 360

Stupid low-ass tire makes it feel heavier than it really is.  Or maybe I'm underestimating the weight because it's a smaller tire.

EMOM Backward Drags

12x50' x prowler + 180