MONDAY:roll out

  1. Box Squat (safety bar) 512lbs x5
  2. Speed deads 385lbs+ bands 10x1
  3. Glute/hams 4 sets
  4. wall balls till I puked

TUESDAY:roll out

  1. Db Mil 4x20
  2. Thrusters till cramp
  3. Rows 4x20
  4. Abs

THURSDAY:roll out

  1. Zercher up to 5 plates
  2. speed box jumps with reebok on
  3. sled pull heavy
  4. leg curls 4x20

FRIDAY:roll out

  1. 3Bd Press up to mid 5's
  2. pull ups with kip xfail
  3. DB press 5x5
  4. walking neck handstands

*** feeling better this week getting in better shape and stronger.  Am planning on a meet mid June.  Then worlds in aug or sept.  Ready to throw the gear on and go heavy.  Going raw every lift is no fun***