Going into XPC Finals, the goal for the day was a 2000lb total in the 220
weight class. This would be my very first meet representing team elitefts, so to say I was absolutely excited was an understatement, I was straight shitting my pants.

For my first squat attempt of 750, I was unfortunately timed out. With my original plan of taking 810 on my second attempt, we decided it would be smarter to take 750 again to ensure that I stayed in the meet. I actually wanted to just take the risk and jump to 810 but my handler and coach made the better judgment call to take a repeat. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, good decisions can become clouded. After getting three whites on my second, Matt Smith (my coach) put down 820 for my third, which would be a 16lb PR. I was successful in making the 70lb jump and got three white lights. With this, I was still on track for a 2000lb total.

Bench started off with a bang as I received three whites for my opener at 520. To stay on pace for my total, I took 555 for my second attempt. With this attempt, I tucked my elbows way too early and ended up dumping the weight on my face. The handlers saved me from splitting my wig so I took 555 again on my third. I made a much cleaner descent but I had some down and up motion on my lockout, which inevitably gave me all red lights. This was when I knew the 2000 total would be much harder to achieve based on the fact my deadlift has not been my strong suit.

My best competition deadlift to date was 622 and my last deadlift in my training cycle was a 625 grinder. You could say I’m a very optimistic person, especially in meets however I am also realistic. Matt was saying a prayer for me as I was warming up because he and I knew I would need a miracle. I opened with an easy 570 pull, and this felt better than any of my deadlifts in my training cycle. I suddenly had a glimmer of hope in the back of my mind that I would actually be able to sack up and pull it off. We decided to stick to the original plan and take 625 on my second attempt for a 3lb PR. It came off the floor with good speed but I resorted back to old habits and rushed the lockout, causing a small hitch. Red lights.

At this point, I just wanted to get the 625 so I could at least get a total PR. My highest total was a 1940 so this would earn me a 25lb PR on my total. On my third attempt of 625, the bar got away from me making my lockout much harder than it had to be. I was pushing my hips through with every fucking ounce of energy I had left but no cigar. I ended the day with a 1910 total.

As easy as it is to get pissed as hell at a sub-par performance, it’s more important to take away things that you have to work on. Shit happens. I’ll be damned if I don’t get that 2000 the next time I step onto the platform. It’s meets like these that keep me in check and make me train my balls off that much more. Find your weaknesses, formulate a plan and execute it.

I also want to say how amazing it was to be part of a team where I received so much support. Thank you to everyone who helped get me where I am today. I couldn't do it without any of you.