Squat and Deadlift Openers

I recently lifted in the 2019 USPA National Championships where I totaled 1769 in wraps at 198 via a 655 squat, 451 bench and 661 deadlift. I'll be lifting at an APF meet in Chicago this December to wrap up the year. 

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Last squat and deadlift! Everything was done how I want it to be done at the meet. Just barely different than a typical training session.

Warm up - Squat

Codman's Arm drops, McGill Curl Ups, Bird dogs, band curls, 25# goblet squats

Bar x 2 x 5

155 x 1 x 5

265 x 1 x 3

355 x 1 x 1

445 x 1 x 1

555 x 1 x 1 - wraps on, this is the last warm up

635 x 1 x 1 - Opener


425 x 1 x 1

515 x 1 x 1 - Last warm up

605 x 1 x 1 - A little more than my opener (maybe).

Two things here. First, that really is how I will warm up on meet day. Maybe I'll take a single at 315 but certainly nothing lighter than that. I had just finished squatting, if I'm not warm, than I seriously messed something up. Same deal on meet day. You spend several hours lifting, you should be warm. I will do my bracing circuit before each of warmup, but otherwise this is how I will do it. I'm meticulous about the timing of squat warm ups but here I don't care much. When the bar happens to be loaded to what I want I will take it.

Second, 605 is probably a little heavier than what I will put in for my opener. But I'm very likely to change that over the course of the day depending on where I am at. If 605 puts me in a better spot to finish out the day, then I will bump it up. The deadlift opener for me is always +/- 20 pounds or so.

Goblet Squat  - 50 x 3 x 5. Really focusing on not shifting in the hole. My chiro thinks the shift is what caused some recent back pain and SI joint disfunction. I'm not going to get that fixed prior to the meet, but it will be a focus for after. I don't think I will ever fully resolve it, rather just minimize it.

TKE - Doubled green band - 3 x 15

Planks - 4 x 30 seconds

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