25 years Competing
18 years Coaching
18 years Owning Training Facility
3 Full Power Pro Elite Totals
4 Wt. Classes w/400+ lb raw bench
3 Wt. Classes w/500+ lb raw bench
3 Wt. Classes w/600+ lb multiply Bench
3 Wt. Classes w/700+ lb multiply Bench
1 Wt. Class w/800+ lb multiply Bench
750/530/615 - raw - 3 total raw meets I have competed in
900/805/650 - multiply - 4 total multiply meets I have competed in
Ranked top 10 bencher for 10 straight years on Powerlifting Watch
The realest motherfucker you will ever meet.
I love my daughter, my fiance, my family and my Team. Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this journey. I truly mean that. I may be 43 years old and broken but I'm not done yet....