Sun, 27 Aug 17

Incline Benching?!?

This was pretty surprising.  I figured I would try out some incline benching today, realize it still made my left shoulder hurt, then switch to strict overhead press with some kind of non-barbell bar.  Much to my surprise, I had no pain at any time during this whole training session.  It could just be a fluke, but I like to think it's my improved knowledge of body structure and function from PT school with a little RPR sprinkled in on top.  Either way, my numbers were shite, but still the best I've done on this lift in many moons, especially without pain.

Incline Axle Bench Press








I stopped here because I was bringing the bar a little too low on my chest and I wanted to finish before making my shoulder hurt and then throwing a manly temper tantrum about it.

Supinated Grip Axle Rows/Close Grip Axle Bench




I completely died on the lat set of close grip bench.  I guess incline pressing was a lot more fatiguing for my pressing muscles than split jerks were last week.  Go figure.

Double Arm Diagonal Front Raises/Windshield Wipers

3x{15x mini bands/10ea x BW}