So I haven't logged much this week. I was hit with the black plague Sunday through Wednesday and felt like utter dog shit. So what does one do when taking a few days off training? Tries to hit a PR, that's what. I talked to Matt earlier this week and told him I wanted to test my raw bench before the meet. He told me just to hit it this week on my ME day. My training got a little fucked up this week from handling Jordan Houser and Andy Hingsbergen (both of them did incredible at their meet) at the Old School Iron Gym Spring Classic and being sick. So I did my speed bench on Saturday after the meet and was going to squat Sunday but that didn't happen. ANYWAYS...whenever I felt decent enough to train, I told myself I was going to test my raw bench. My Pisan, Dean Colantonio, helped put my testicular fortitude on trial. Here's what went down:

Warm Up
Band Pull Aparts 3x20
Light Tricep Pushdowns 2x20
Pronated DB Flys 2x20

A. Raw Bench
Bar x 15
^Took the fattest whiff of Skull Smash Ammonia and almost couldn't see from the tears in my eyes LOLLL. Definitely got the juices flowin' though. Since this was so easy, I decided to take another jump. Dean recommended 415 and of course I got greedy and took 430.
^I started to strain through mid rep but it was just too heavy. Dean gave me a little help so I didn't strain anything. It felt good to get that heavy of weight in my hands though.

B. Lateral Shoulder Raise Machine
5x10 Dropset x10

C1. Cable Side Raises
C2. Lat Pulldowns

I felt like doo doo so I just said fuck it and left like a bitch. Now I'm crying, hitting my albuterol repeatedly. Had a fun day though. Excited to get down to EliteFTS again this weekend for some squats.