Timed Axle Press Reps + VIDEO: First Time Doing Atlas Stones

..This past Wednesday was week 2 of Strongman Events with Iron Asylum, and we did 2 rounds of max Axle Press reps in 60-seconds, and then worked on Atlas Stones.

The biggest thing for me for Axle Press Reps (aside from getting stronger) is going to be continuing to work on push pressing and push jerking more efficiently. For Atlas Stones, it was my first time ever doing them, overall it went well. I'll need to get better at moving explosively while also keeping the stone tighter to my body, and as more practice goes on I'll be able to do it without thinking too much. I also realized how much atlas stones and tacky jack up your arms. My bicep skin was so bruised and inflamed that for a second I thought I tore my bicep. I think I may tape my forearms for next time, and hopefully as I improve my technique my biceps won't get as messed up. No matter what though, it seems like doing Atlas Stones always will come with some pain and damage, and I'm good with that.

Week 2 - Day 3: Strongman Event Day @ Iron Asylum

A. Sandbag Toss Warmup

B. Axle Press - 2 rounds of 60 seconds max reps w/ 185lbs

C. Atlas Stones - bunch of practice reps and learning, worked up to 230lbs for a bunch of reps.

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