Thurs, 9 May 19

Block 3, Week 3, Day 2 - ME DL/SQ

I have been doing all my deadlifting from 13" for my first 2 blocks of my current training program in the hopes that I would be able to go to US Strongman Nationals again this year, but a number of factors have combined to make this a non-viable option.  So today I figured I'd do some pulling from the floor since I don't need 13" deads in my skill set for the foreseeable future.  Sadly, I forgot how far down the floor is when you're wearing a deadlift suit.  Those extra 5 inches are really tough to get down on.  Which is, of course, what she said.  Or maybe what he said.  When in Rome.

Regardless of who gets down on those extra inches, I tied my all time suited deadlift PR today and it went immeasurably better than last time, since last time it took me a solid 10-15 seconds to lock out and I jacked up my hips and low back for a month in doing so.

Suited Deadlifts (Metal Jack Pro deadlift suit)






2x1x515 - Add suit on second set

1x565 - Add belt, this set took a solid 4 minutes (literally, because my stopwatch was running) to get down to the bar and I really wish I'd been videoing because it was hilariously frustrating.

1x605 - Much better getting down to the bar, by which I mean it was faster, but no better feeling and only moderately less hilarious.

1x700 - Video, ties lifetime PR, sound on for some hilarious noises.  The coughing at the beginning is post taking a snootful of ammonia.  The rest is just me trying not to die in my suit.  Also, I skipped a planned single in the mid 600s because getting down to the bar was so awful that I just wanted to be done and get out of my damn deadlift suit.

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Axle Sumo DL/Band Assisted Home GHRs


2x250/10xBW minus micro band

2x{10x300/10xBW minus micro band}

I dropped my last set of sumo tugs because I was already getting a low back and glute pump from hell and I didn't want to cripple myself and have to ditch the rest of my training and lay on the floor in a pile (again).

SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises/Single Leg Hypers

3x{20x335/10ea x 15}

Sled Pulls

15 minutes of extra work consisting of 3 rounds of backward, forward, and lateral drags down the length of a soccer field with 50 lbs on the sled