I’m currently in meet prep for the RPS Lexen Spring Fling in Columbus, Ohio on May 9th, 2015. I will be competing in my first multi-ply meet, going bench only at 148 pounds.

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Saturday I got back into some real training. Although it is a quick turn around, I've decided to get back on the platform again in about two months. However, this time I'm going to be competing bench only in multi-ply. I'm looking to add some fun to my training and I've been wanting to do a multi-ply bench only meet for about 6 months now. The time is no better than now, as I have some very close friends competing at this meet and will also be handling a few of my Purdue Barbell lifters. My goals are simple, make it into the meet and just have fun. I also just would like to see and experience the other side (darkside?) of powerlifting. I have no idea what I'm going to try and hit quite yet, but I'm looking forward to the journey this will bring.

I will not be a full power multi-ply powerlifter. This is merely for experience, so don't get your panties in a bunch just yet. I just want a break from full power for a bit and this gives me a goal and something new to work towards.

As for this training session, my squat and deadlift work will be pretty heavy for the first half of this prep, but then I will scale it back to come into the meet the way I need to. Today's training was pretty tough, but it was all manageable and still fun to be back training with the crew and finally get that garage door up. I've still got things to work on squat and deadlift wise and I don't want to really "lose" anything in this department, so I'm going to train hard to maintain what I can, and then ride the wave into the meet. While I expect my lower work to take a minor hit (as I've got to put an emphasis on my shirt work), I don't really expect to lose too much.

I look forward to documenting this experience and the trials and tribulations that come along with learning a new aspect of the sport.


Warm Up
Reverse Hyper - 290 for 42 total reps

A1) Cambered Squat Bar Squats vs Short Light Bands
65x5 - add Short Light Bands

B1) Cambered Squat Bar Squats, 6 second eccentrics

C1) Conventional Deficit Deadlifts (1.5") vs Chains (beltless)
135x5 - add 2 Chains per side

D1) Band Good Mornings (attached)

E1) T-Spine Ext off GHR
E2) Hanging Leg Raises