Thurs, 2 May 19


Today I turned in a full training day where I skipped nothing, didn't have to modify anything because of stupid BS, and even did some conditioning at the end.  And it feels glorious.  I need more of this training in my life and I'm planning on getting it as I progress this training block.

13" Chain Axle DL (4 sets of chains)

15x70 - No chains

10x170 - No chains

6x170 - Add chains


10x2x315 - Rest 30"

2x350 - Still fast

2x400 - Slowed down a lot

I forgot to get more chains from the Unit to add in for my speed deads for this block so I pulled raw instead of suited to make up for it.  The weight is obviously not something I need a suit for, but since I have been training to pull heavy in my suit, I have also been doing my speed work with my suit to get used to it.  I'll grab chains this weekend so I'll have more next DE DL day.

Axle Sumo DL/Band Assist Home GHRs


5x250/10xBW minus mini band

10x280/10xBW minus mini band

10x300/10xBW minus mini band

10x320/10xBW minus micro band

So far so good with the sumo deads.  I am really happy that it's not bothering my left hip at all and the home GHRs barely feel like I need a band, but I'm sticking with it for now since they are compound-setted with the deads.

Single Leg Hypers/SS Yoke Bar Calf Raises

20x295/10ea x 10

20x335/10ea x 10

20x335/10ea x 15

Sled Drags

After training I went to the fields near my house and pulled the sled for 15 minutes.  I did forward, backward, and lateral drags for the length of a soccer field, alternating after each length.  I think I did 4 of each in the time and I had one plate on the sled.  I haven't done any sled drags since last summer and I loved every second of this.