Mon, 7 Aug 17

Thankfully the low back/hip/psoas issues I was having the day we flew to Scotland (a week ago) were temporary and cleared up before we left for Dulles airport.  Everything was lovely throughout the week and Scotland is the most amazing place I've ever been in my life.  I could definitely live here in a second, but it would have to be in the highlands, or at least not in any of the major cities.  I competed in my first highland games 2 days ago on Saturday 5 August and had an awesome time doing it.  Write up with pics will be up soon here.  Sadly, the videos are pretty poor quality since they are cell phone videos and had to be taken from a distance and through a net, so I may not end up posting any of them, but if I do I'll put it here in my training log as well.  We are getting ready to leave Inverness and head down to Edinburgh for a couple days before moving on to London for the remainder of the trip.  I have had almost no free time when I had energy to do anything, but I have no complaints about that since I have seen and done so many incredible things every day.  We had a little free time this morning after packing up before we had to be out of the rental house, so my girlfriend and I did a quick workout just to get moving and in my case to work out some of the soreness, mostly in my right trap and my trunk muscles, from throwing all the things the day before yesterday.

Pushups/Band Rows

3x{15xBW/30x light band}

I used different hand placement on each set (normal, wide, triangle) with a pause at the bottom and 15 reps actually felt like work toward the end.

Band Front Raises/Horizontal Band Pullaparts

3x{15x mini band/20x mini band}

Lunges/Single Leg Calf Raise

3x{10ea x BW/15ea x BW}

Lunges were forward for the 1st set, lateral for the 2nd, and reverse for the 3rd.