Sat, 13 Oct 18

Events @ ISCF

This was a solid training day.  I made good progress on log, farmer's went well, and stone shouldering was meh.  I kind of want to either stop doing my heavier shoulder rehab work first and do it at the end, or move it to another day so I'm not doing pressing on event days.  This is because even though it is going well, after I'm done I can feel the fatigue in my left shoulder on everything else that I do.  This is most likely limiting me somewhat since everything in strongman involves being able to stabilize your shoulders.  On the other hand though, my shoulder seems to be progressing well, so I don't want to change up what I'm doing too much.  I need to do some more thinking on this before I make a decision.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 105





4x210 - Video

The cleans and split jerks all felt good and pretty smooth until the last set where I could tell I was starting to not press up and back equally/evenly.  I'm still sticking with a slower negative to maintain more focus on control and stability, but this was better than I expected for today, with my minimum goal being a double at 200.

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Farmer's Walk

2x50' x 110

50' x 200

50' x 250

50' x 290

50' x 310 - Video

Getting back up to my normal weight jumps for warmups.  The run with 310 was a second or so slower than 290, but it felt like the best one of the day.

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Atlas Stone Shouldering



The 4th rep with 250 stalled out because I didn't pull it high enough before switching my hands and I could tell my left shoulder had had enough heavy work for the day so I stopped here and did some banded shoulder rehab stuff to finish up.

Band Shoulder Circuit

90/90 ER

Standing Single Arm Chest Press

Standing Single Arm Incline Press

Single Arm OH Press

All exercises were 10 reps per side with a 5 sec pause and except for ER, the band was set up so I had to resist it pulling my arm toward the opposite side of my body, similar to a pallof press.  I just did one round and used a micro mini band for all exercises.