Sat, 6 Oct 18

Events @ Iron Strong CF

Today was a pretty solid training day.  I progressed from working only strict press of OH to working on some push press and split jerks with no problems and did yoke for the first time in many months so now I am back to rotating through all the main events for strongman.  My shoulder was feeling ok, but not great when I started yoke and trying to get into position under the bar was not comfortable.  Thankfully, somewhere a couple warmup sets in once the weight got heavier, the downward push of the yoke on my shoulder was transferred to my collar bone and I got audible adjustments at both my AC and SC joints, after which getting into position under the bar felt way easier and more comfortable.

Log C&P (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 105




I could tell a difference in my left shoulder stability once I got up to 155 and it was more noticeable at 175 so that was all for today.  Depending on how my shoulder feels tomorrow and how pressing goes this week, I'll most likely work up to around 200 or so next weekend.  It's good that I feel like all my strength is still there, I just need to keep working to bring up the stability.

Yoke/Keg Carry Medley







60'x705/60'x225 - Video

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I was not going deliberately slowly, but I was also not going as fast as possible either since I haven't done yoke in so long.  Usually I try not to take such a long break from doing a staple strongman event, but due to specializing my programming for nationals and then worlds, I made an exception.  I was actually pretty happy that 705 felt as good as it did because in the past when I don't do yoke for a long time, coming back feels completely awful the first time or two that I do it.

TANK Push/Prowler Drag Medley

60' x 2nd gear/60' x prowler + 90

60' x 3rd gear/60' x prowler + 180