Mon, 4 Sept 17

Upper I

Today I was supposed to work up to a heavyish single on log and then work back down to get in more volume than last time I did log 2 weeks ago.  While my biceps almost doesn't bother me at all, I knew that doing heavy log cleans would probably not be smart so I jumped ahead a week and did the same plan, but with incline bench instead of log.  Alternatively I could have gone to Iron Strong and done log off of jerk boxes, but I want to train it with the clean so I opted for switching exercises.  Besides that, the only thing I had to modify was going a little lighter on rows and some of the assistance work at the end.

Incline Axle Bench Press










No pain in my biceps, but I was starting to get a little shwifty with my positioning on the bench due to fatigue as I worked back down so I let that be my guide for when to stop my sets.

Supinated Grip Axle Rows/Close Grip Axle Bench




Rows felt pretty good as long as I focused on using my back and not my biceps to initiate the movement.  CG bench was more difficult than last time I did incline bench ass a primary, but my total incline volume was about 1,200 lb more this time so I wasn't really worried about it.

Double Arm DB Curls/L. Raise/W. Wipers

20x10/20x10/10ea x BW

2x{20x15/15x15/10ea x BW}

No pain in my bicep on curls, just a much earlier pump and more fatigue on the right than the left.  I have also been doing AROM elbow flex/ext, isometric elbow flexion at different angles and with different hand positions, and very light biceps and triceps work once or twice a day since Saturday.