Thurs, 10 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 4, Day 2 - ME OH/BP

Since I was unsure how my thumb would fare for training, I decided to do no cleans which meant no log today.  This narrowed my choices down to axle push press out of the rack or BB close grip bench press.  Since I did a bench variation last time, I tentatively opted for the push presses today, pending how my thumb felt.  I also nixed snatches due to time limitations since my work schedule changed today and I had to train in the morning instead of the afternoon (i.e. I had to be done by a certain time versus train as long as I wanted to).

Axle Push Press (out of rack)

complex x 70








Despite feeling less warmed up than usual due to skipping snatches, these actually felt good today which was shocking since usually the only OH that feels good is split jerks.  I did drop the 3rd back off set since I was starting to feel it in my thumb after the second one.  And yes, that is my max effort work.  My shoulders are stupid and weak and I have always pressed mostly with my legs, which has worked just fine for me for the last 14 years.  No harm in working on stuff I suck at though.

SG Rows/L. Raises/Band Face Pulls


8x205/12x25/20xlight band

2x{8x225/12x25/20xlight band}

That was all since I had to shower and get to work.  I'll be down in Richmond visiting family this weekend so hopefully will be training at The Weight Room again Saturday AM.

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