Sat, 16 Sept 17

Speed Deads

Today I was across the bridge all day volunteering at an adaptive sports festival at Kernan Rehab Hospital in Baltimore.  I got to help out with wheelchair rugby (formerly known as Murderball) and wheelchair basketball, both of which were outstanding to watch and participate in.  The rugby event involved watching the Maryland Mayhem scrimmage and then anyone who wanted to give it a try could get in one of the special rugby wheelchairs and play around in a friendly game with the team.  Anyone could join in, whether they used a wheelchair for getting around or not, but preference was obviously given to those who needed a wheelchair over those who didn't.  I got the chance to give it a try and though I was reminded how incredibly unathletic I am and how much I suck at all sports without months to years of practice (not being humble here - it takes me at least a year to be halfway descent at anything), I had a blast.  Wheelchair rugby is no joke and the high speed collisions sound like car crashes, especially when it's a chair with what looks like a cattle catcher from a steam engine mounted to the front ramming broadside into the solid wheels of an opponent.  Sadly, I have no pictures of this, but it was an unforgettable experience and seeing what those athletes are capable of in their scrimmage and then getting the chance to attempt some of their skills in a chair myself was humbling to say the least.  Basketball was similarly cool, but I have never been partial to playing team sports where contact is not allowed.  I tend to end up in the penalty box, on the sidelines, in time out, ejected from the game, etc.  Obviously this was not the case when I was playing wheelchair basketball, but just in general I gravitated much more toward the play style of rugby.  I already have a ton of respect for any and all adaptive athletes, but today just reaffirmed the incredible things people can accomplish when you believe in yourself and never quit.

Since this was an all day event bookended by a 2.5 hour drive each way there and back, I was chalking today up as an L for being able to train, but much to my surprise, after I got home and chilled out for about an hour, I was pretty motivated to do some training, even though I was already exhausted from playing a couple hours of wheelchair sports in addition to setting up, cleaning up, and generally helping out where needed.

Chain Axle DL (2 sets of chains)


3x160 - Add chains




I had tentatively planned to work up after 6 singles, but while I was feeling good, I wasn't feeling THAT good and I was already kind of beat up going in so I stopped after the 6.

Lateral Lunges/Single Leg Calf Raises

10xBW/20ea x BW

2x{10ea x 25/20ea x BW}

By this point, I felt like refried doo doo so it was time to shower, grub, and then study the rest of the night and weekend for my pulmonary midterm coming up on Wednesday.