Fri, 18 Dec 19


I won't be able to train tomorrow due to running a small strongman competition at Iron Strong CF in the morning and taking care of the cleanup and all associated paperwork after.  For those few athletes who signed up, thank you.

I'm going to be kicking it way way old school for a couple months with some basic body part split training.  My reasoning is to give myself a mental break since this type of training is much quicker and easier for me to do, save time for the same reasons, and build up some very much lagging areas of my current base of strength (i.e. doing more than 5 reps).  It will also be easier to do in different training settings since I will be moving down to Virginia Beach soon and my training my be restricted at times (or maybe not, but I don't know yet).  I will still be training strongman events, especially as I progress in rehabbing my right knee.  This will be interesting because it is the only major type of training split that I have never done successfully with strongman.  I've never done it unsuccessfully either, since I've never tried it.  So it'll be easier for me to program and progress, time saving, and hopefully helpful and fun.  We shall  see.

Seated DBMP (no back rest)




3x8x65 - Rest 90 sec

DB Shrugs

3x25x85 - Rest 60 sec

3 Way Raises (posterior, lateral, anterior)

3x10ea x 10/15/15 - Rest 60 sec

That was all for today, but I'll add to this a little bit moving forward.  The higher reps and much shorter rest periods than I usually take definitely made my shoulders feel smoked by the end.