Background: I work at OSU as a graduate teaching associate and lift at Ludus Magnus. I am a raw lifter who competes in the 105lb weight classes, and am currently prepping for my next meet (when grad school finally gives me a weekend off) . Currently, I am in the process of trying to accomplish my lofty lifting goals,survive graduate school, and teach undergraduates about what I really love, TRAINING..


Deload Week3: DE lower (Wed)

Warm up-general

Warm up-specific
2a. 3 x 20 rev hyper
2b. 3 x 20 lying leg curl
2c. 3 x abs

3. Speed squats
* done

I've really breached the overtraining threshold so I'm backing off in the most serious of senses this week.. However, i'm 90 percent sure it has nothing to do with training and everything to do with life... Well..that is one way to handle progressive progressively increasing life stressors...