Wed, 13 Sept 17

Upper @ Iron Strong

A mixed bag of 3 tests and quizzes down with one to go.  The class ahead of me graduates tomorrow so we don't have classes due to split labs which we had already made up on Monday of this week.  Since my last neuro quiz isn't until Friday morning, I wanted to get some training in while I could.  Since my bicep is still annoyingly sore, I went to ISCF so I could do log off of the jerk boxes.

Log Split Jerks

complex x 90








I worked up slower than normal just to make sure not to do anything dumb.  The first single at 270 was awful so I did another which actually looked like I half way knew what I was doing.  My bicep was letting me know it might be a poor decision to go up any more due to some funkiness on the pick off the boxes.  Also, since I almost never do jerks without cleaning it first, I was having some issues with feeling like I was going to pass out when I picked the log.  If I had been faster, I would have liked to do at least some of my supplemental and assistance work, but this took me a solid 90 minutes and I was pretty exhausted and not really functioning that well cognitively from studying and lack of sleep so I called it a day here.  Not exactly what I wanted, but it was definitely 100% for today.