Tues, 22 Oct 19

Block 3, Week 6, Day 1 - DE DL/SQ

Got my training back closer to where I think it should be today and everything was good and right with the world.


BB w/ups





All strictly done for warmup purposes and a little bit to test out my left thumb.  All good with a barbell.

Band Deficit Deadlifts (1/5", short monster minis)

10x50 - Add bands




6x2x300 - Smooth

SS Yoke Bar Reverse Lunges/Hypers/Single Leg SSYB Calf Raises

8ea x 85/15xBW/15ea x 85

2x{8ea x 115/15x35/15ea x 85}

8ea x 125/15x35/15ea x 125

I like the reverse lunges much better since I switched from 10 reps each leg to 8 reps each.  I seriously hate doing double digit reps on compound movements.  I will do it sometimes, but it is very rare that it doesn't make me angrier when I'm training, especially when training by myself.  Shared misery makes the world go round.

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