April 10th

Cambered Bar bench press.  Work up to single.  Bar x 5, 155x4, 225x3, 295x2, 335x1, 385x1, 425x1, 475x1

Abs pulldowns.  5x8.  12/16/20

Are Single Leg Curl 3x5.  I worked up to 4plates (didn’t do ran out of time)

April 11th

Echo Bike 6min. 1:76 of a mile.

Floor Press, Black widow (33lb) floor press. 5x5.  95,135,185,225,275,316lbs (actual weight).  Terrible today.  No spot shoulder tight.  Get healthy for next week

Chest supported Row.  5x5.  150, 240, 265, 290lbs

Band pull aparts.  100reps.  Went heavier Band tension every 20-30reps.

April 12th

Did about 10min prehab for shoulder.

Treadmill 6min.  3:6mph for 5min then 4:6mph for 1min

Neck 95lbs 1x15

White Curl Machine. 5x8. Worked up to 7plates

Plank 2:20 (37 belly breaths)

April 13th

Echo Bike. 6min Got to 1:74

Mobility and warm up 6-7min

Rack Pulls (conventional and off 2 small mats). 5x3.  135,225,315,405,495, 550lbs

GluteHam raise.  3x5

Crunch Machine.  4x15 20lbs

April 14th


BAMBOO BAR CRAZY BELL. 35lb each side. 20/20/20/20/20

DB low row.  5x3.  60/80/100/125/130

April 15th

Treadmill 6min. 3:6mph for 5min. 4:6mph for one min.

AbCore 4x15. 45lbs

Neck 95lbs 1x15

For our groups we hit heavy doubles. And with accessories we hit 4’s with the last set to fail.
Here is an example of our 2nd lower body day.


Deadlifts 5x2.
Single Leg RDL 5x4

Glute Bridge 5x4

Ab machine ‘choice 5x4